Perfect c.v. increase you chances to get shortlisted

When you apply for a job ,firstly everyone ask for your C.V. it is that thing which you have to make you very carefully.

What is c.v.?

It is full identity of candidate to apply for a job.on the basis of this,process of selection is go ahead.

Mostly people have done mistake .Because of this they were not shortlisted . In reality , they may be when you make your c.v.,you should avoid these mistakes.

Select suitable font and color.

You should remember that font and color play important role in c.v. Don’t use different colors.Interviewer may feel difficultly to read different color and font. It will down your first impression.

Mention your active number.

Mostly we found that people was given one ,two or more numbers.that will create confusion in both .It will increase chances of miss the most important massage on your is good option to give your active number which you are using will be beneficial for you in getting latest update of the job you have applied.

No Spelling Mistake

If you have done mistakes in your c.v., it will definitely decrease your chances to get will show you an unreponsible person with arising questions on your writing whenever you make your c.v. Double check your spelling mistakes.

Remember about c.v. length

On one side ,it is very important to mention everything about your experience.on other side,we have to take care about c.v. length.more crispy c.v. have more chances to get shortlisted.but it does not mean that you wil not not write important thing in hurry.

Job experience

Interviewer will excited to know about your make sure always mention your job related achievement. It will help you to make your resume effective and short in length.


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